Saturday, September 8, 2012

Is this an LA feeling?

It's been... oh who care how long it's been. Bottom line, it's been a long time since I've blogged. I wouldn't even call this my return to blogging regularly but rather a momentarily relapse. :-p
I honestly felt like there was a time when this blog felt more like a continual homework assignment. It began to pressure me constantly. The need to get something up on here was constant and it really stressed me out. And who needs more unnecessary stress in life? Having said all that I still do have my moments when I know that getting the words out of my bead would be therapeutic. That's really what this blog was for the longest time-a chance for me to get my thoughts and feelings organized.

This brings me to my blog today....

Lately I've been thinking a lot about my life. I know, what a crazy thought! Haha
What I mean to say is how could I be making myself more happy and more mindful of my future. Am I currently doing everything that I could be? What needs to change, if anything? My job? My housing situation? My friends? My love life? How often does any of us really stop and evaluate our present path in life?
Frankly, if I could get up from my life and move to Europe for a year, I would in a heart beat. I would drop everything and just move alone there. Sure, I would miss friends and family endlessly but that feeling is no stranger to me. I've been missing people my entire life. I know that I would be alright and with email and all the many social networking tools at my fingertips I would stay in touch with everyone that is important to me. So what's stopping me then, you may ask? Perhaps it's that I don't think that I've enjoyed and discovered Los Angeles enough. I'll have lived here for 3 years in January and while plenty of the city is familiar to me, I still feel quite foreign in a lot of areas here too. And let's not forget that I am genuinely happy living in LA. I have no burning issues or problems here. I really do love the life that I've built for myself. I have awesome friends that warm my heart and offer me endless support. My family is close by. I have three jobs that keep me incredibly busy and secure.

Maybe the feelings I'm having are common for a LA resident... Maybe it's normal to get a little wanderlust every now and then. It's just a thought... Maybe this is my need for a change like when I change my room around. Somehow, moving one or two pieces of furniture around in my room gives me such a new perspective. I love the ability to do that every once in awhile. So, maybe I need to change something about my life. Whether is something small or not, it could make a world of a difference to how I'm feeling. Do other people in their late 20's just go through this phase?