Sunday, September 11, 2011

I Finally Did It!

  • I finally did it.
  • I've been thinking about doing it for years.
  • I've always been too afraid.
  • I just never thought I could pull it off, I never thought I had the face or personality for it.
  • I think it was a brave and bold move to make.
  • I couldn't have done it without the support of two new friends and a wonderful old friend.
  • I was extremely nervous throughout the entire process.
  • It has taken me awhile to get comfortable with it.
  • It has forced me to look at other things in my life in this exciting way.
  • It fits this time of my life perfectly.
  • I love that I did it in Vegas at the lovely Paris Hotel.
  • Change really can be the best medicine in life.
  • I'm so happy that I did it.
Have you guessed what it is exactly that I did??

I chopped a lot of my hair off and I'm finally ready for the official blog unveiling!!!

What do you think of it?? I definitely feel like a whole new me now!

Monday, September 5, 2011


If you have a free second from now until September 15th, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE go vote for my friend, Gina's non-profit, PIN-UPS FOR VETS, at this website:

I've talked about this organization a ton on my blog but if you are a new visitor to my blog, welcome, and check out these earlier posts I wrote for all the info on the incredible PIN-UPS FOR VETS. This is a fun post too, I'm a Celebrity. There's many other posts on my blog about it too so feel free to look around for more information. Of course, you can also simply go to the website too here: PIN-UPS FOR VETS.

This particular contest is with Crest Toothpaste. They are giving the winner a $25,000 grant to help complete her 50 state VA/Military hospital tour plus a chance to be on the Rachel Ray show in Oct/Nov to discuss the project. Needless to say this would be HUGE for the organization and in my opinion, it would certainly take it to the next level. : ) The contest ends on September 15th so please spread the word and VOTE!!

Again, to vote, go to:

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Project Smile-August

I guess with the end of August means that we should welcome Fall and say goodbye to Summer. : (
However, I can't say that I'm unhappy to move into a new season. For the first time in awhile I'm looking forward to breaking out the sweaters, jackets and all my fun scarves. And who could forget about those fabulous UGG boots I got from Oprah?!

So, the challenge is to find something to smile about every single day of the month. Thanks to Kristi for keeping this going at Live and Love...out Loud.

Here are my smiles for August:

1st- Drinks with a new friend!
2nd- I got about 4 inches cut off my hair and it was exactly what I needed! Change can be so healthy!
3rd- A promising music interview followed by a delicious dinner with old and always lovely friends.
4th- I picked up my nephew from his second day of school and hearing him talk all about his day was about the cutest thing ever!
5th- Had an amazing early breakfast before work. I had a banana nut pancakes! Soooo good!!
6th- I love random nights out where silly random things happen.
7th- I drove to Coronado to visit an old friend who was in town for a few days. Such fun!
8th- Nothing makes me like I really worked out quite like me new workout obsession, spinning classes.
9th- One of my best guy friends is in town for the day.
10th- Nothing like a little time at the beach to calm a busy mind.
11th- A sweet afternoon spent with my nephew.
12th- There really are 24 usuable hours everyday!
13th- A fun night out dancing celebrating a friend's birthday.
14th- Mad Men marathon! Need I say more?
15th- First day at my new music job! Woo hoo!
16th- A welcomed distraction happened.
17th- Got up for a 6AM spinning class- I ROCK!
18th- Long work day = money! : )
19th- A painless drive to Vegas to meet up with my BFF from high school and two other friends.
20th- Nothing makes me happier than yummy drinks by a pool with new and old friends.
21st- Despite an awful drive back to LA, I enjoyed catching up with lots of friends.

22nd- A smile from a stranger really can brighten my day.
23rd- A long productive day from beginning to end!
24th- Here's to learning about a new fun bar that the awesome Drew Barrymore frequents. : ) I'm a dork, I know!
25th- Sometimes having absolutely nothing to do at night is the best thing ever!
26th- I went on an awesome morning run.
27th- Organized and cleaned my room and closet!
28th- Swings. : )
29th- Delicious peanut butter pretzels at work.
30th- Crossing off lots of things on my to-do list!
31st- A day full of laughing. : )