Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Project Smile- October

What a crazy busy month it has been! It seriously went by in a flash! Please tell me everyone felt like this too.

So, the challenge is to find something to smile about every single day of the month. Thanks to Kristi for keeping this going at Live and Love...out Loud.

Here are my smiles for October:

1st- Getting up before 9AM for an intense spinning class on a Saturday! Whew!
2nd- I spent a lovely late morning brunching with two old college girlfriends that I always seem to lose touch with in this intense city.
3rd- Sweet texts got me through AWFUL traffic.
4th- The start of something exciting....
5th- A reunion with a BFF who is officially moving to LA this week!!
6th- Nothing puts a smile on my face quite like a big glass of red wine after a long work-day. Oh, that a lovely dinner full of interesting conversation with wonderful people.
7th- I got to see the 90210 beach house!!
8th- Musical Theater always makes me happy.
9th- A friend's motivational words.
10th- Being super productive on a Monday!
11th- Volunteered my time at a girls homeless shelter for a photo shoot with them all.
12th- Professionally and socially, a really great day all around.
13th- I received good news.
14th- One on one time with my nephew at a zoo!
15th- Today I was grateful for the comforting and loving words from family and friends.
16th- I discovered the awesomeness that are Tom shoes! They really are so comfortable!
17th- An awesome intense work out after work!
18th- A promising business meeting!
19th- Having absolutely nothing to do after work but watch TV with the roommates.
20th- Watching a UofA football game with other alumni plus drinking a few beers makes for a perfect night.
21st- Two jobs in one day! Woo, look out!
22nd- I had a fabulous night spent at an awesome dance concert and then ended the night with a new friend.
23rd-A precious afternoon spent with a 6 month old and his mom.
24th- Blissful traffic to work and home from work.
25th- Catch-up dinner with an old friend.
26th- The boy I nanny gave me the biggest kiss and said he really liked me.
27th- I caught up with several old friends on the phone today.
28th- Super productive night, I was crafty with my Halloween costume, I baked cookies, I did my laundry and I finished reading a book.
29th- Trapeze flying was AMAZING!! And then being a gumball machine for the night was a lot of fun!
30th- There was a lot to smile about today.
31st- Got out of work early for a spooky show on Halloween night.


  1. Once again another fun-filled busy month for you.

  2. Cute list! Hehe I love the little smiley cereal face!