Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 Hopes & Plans

Yes, it's been over a month since I last posted anything on here. Lately, I just didn't have it in me to write and be creative. However, suddenly tonight I felt the urge to post something.

2011 was such an emotional roller coaster year for me. As many highs as there were, there were that many lows. I've been hurt, I felt other's pain, I've traveled immensely, I've loved and lost, I've physically challenged myself, I've had positive professional breakthroughs, I took a hair-related risk and so much more. These things just begin to describe my year.

I can't say I've ever been more happy to see a year go by. While a pessimist would just be bitter and angry that they had a rough year, I'm taking the optimistic approach. I have great hope for 2012. I'm taking all that I learned last year with grace and using it to be a better and smarter woman today. I don't exactly regret anything but rather, I aspire to do it a little differently next time around.

These are not my New Years Resolutions but rather things that I would like to work on/do in 2012. I'll call them my 2012 Hopes & Plans.
  1. Be a little kinder to my heart.
  2. Make a video of myself singing. Whether I share it on Youtube is yet to be decided. :)
  3. Go skydiving... Maybe.
  4. Run more short races to improve my speed. And no, no more Full Marathons. One is plenty!
  5. Explore all my hobbies. For example, I haven't scrapbooked in about a year!
  6. Create a budget and really stick to it!
  7. Visit a friend in a state/city I've never been to! I'm considering Washington Seattle, Dayton Ohio and Boise Idaho.
  8. Go to more concerts.
  9. Continue working out and eating healthy like I did in 2011.
  10. Be more impulsive and spontaneous.
  11. Write in my journal more often.
  12. Read more.
  13. Learn something new. I haven't decided what that is going to be yet....


  1. That is a fun list. If you ever make a video do share in the blog.

    Happy New year.

  2. Great very achievable list! Here's hoping all of your dreams would come true in the new year, Leah. xoxo

  3. Love it! I have to admit I was really excited to see a new post, and didn't read it this morning so I'd have something to look forward to this afternoon. I like the idea of hopes and plans instead of resolutions. Hooray for 2012 :D

  4. One of the good things of 2011 for us was sharing Thanksgiving with old friends from our Pakistan days. We really enjoyed visiting with you and Tonya and her family. Just made our Thanksgiving a wonderful day.