Friday, July 1, 2011

Project Smile-June

How is it already JULY?! Geesh!! I was just getting the hang of June!

Well, like always, the challenge is to find something to smile about every single day of the month. Thanks to Kristi for keeping this going at Live and Love...out Loud.

Here are my smiles for June:

1st- There's nothing like grabbing brunch with a friend to catch up on everything going on in our lives!
2nd- Getting to my destination just in the nick of time!
3rd- A Friday night with nothing planned. : )
4th- Super busy day spent with such wonderful people.
5th- Enjoyed a simple cheese burger with someone new in my life that makes me smile.
6th- My nephew turns 2!!
7th- Babysitting my nephew always puts a smile on my face.
8th- Wine date with my sister.
9th- Back to red hair.
10th- Long work followed by a free night!
11th- Nothing better then a mid-day Saturday nap.
12th- Accomplished so much today!
13th- Jamming out to old school Lionel Richie in my car with an old college friend.
14th- Being able to handle an on the spot impromptu phone interview.
15th- Networked with interesting music business people tonight.
16th- After a long day at work, I still had energy to work out-Go me!
17th- Finally met one of my Bf's good friends.
18th- Didn't do anything all day and didn't feel bad about it.
19th- Cheers for taking control and handling my own plumbing issue! Yay! Thanks to the internet!
20th- My Invisalign treatment is done!!
21st- A successful Pin-Ups For Vets 2012 Calendar shoot!
22nd- Heard exactly what I needed to hear at exactly the right time.
23rd- 3 solid and productive hours spent working at a coffee shop followed by a great workout!
24th- Reconnecting with old friends.
25th- Sleeping in late rocks!
26th- Celebrated my sister's birthday on a Duffy boat!
27th- Quick and easy workday.
28th- A productive day shooting my roommate's pin-up calendar.
29th- Sleeping with the windows open at night.
30th- I met a friend's 6 week old baby and I met my BF's mom! : )

Can you think of 30 things that made you smile this month? It's really easy and I urge you to do this on your own.

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