Monday, April 25, 2011

New Music Monday

New Music Monday is back kids! Check out my latest musical gems below:

1. Poker Face - Glee Cast I know the episode with this song aired a long time ago but I just finally watched it last week and I have to say that I'm in love with this version of Lady Gaga's infamous dance tune. It seriously rocks and I'm proud to say that I totally enjoy singing along to it at the top of my lungs.

2. Blind Faith - Chase & Status "A heavyhearted, soul-baring rave-revival plea that take U.K. warehouse-party nostalgia to vertiginous heights". (Thanks SPIN magazine for this perfection song explanation!

3. Nat Geo - G-Slide & Chris Lee Despite containing several incredibly dark and sad lines, the accompanying soft choir create quite the pretty combination. I never would have discovered this song if it hadn't been for my music magazine subscriptions.

4. Fake Empire - The National Yes, this is an older song by this indie rock band but I'm just now getting into them and I love this one! If you are a fan, what are some other songs by them that I should have? They are going to be here in LA soon so I might have to check them out.

5. Cardiac Arrest - Teddybears & Robyn You gotta love the Swedes! On this track, singer Robyn joins fellow Swedes, Teddybears on this frothy disco rock tune. Rolling Stone magazine calls it "a pinch of arsenic in a tequila shot". What a description! : )

6. You Are a Tourist - Death Cab for Cutie If you haven't heard of Death Cab for Cutie, then you've been living under a rock! This group's sound is amazing and their songs are both beautiful and thoughtful. This is their newest song and feels more inspirational and sweet then most of their other melancholy ones.

7. Surrender Album - The Chemical Brothers My roommate Swati let me burn this entire album of hers and I can honestly say that my life will never be the same. I'm not really sure how I've been doing all this running without The Chemical Brothers?! The music is pure adrenaline and keep you moving to the very end of the album. What other album or songs should I own, Chemical Brothers fans?

8. Till the World Ends - Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj & Ke$ha I can't help it but this is a great song to dance or work out to. I'm not Britney's biggest fan so I was excited to see that Nicki Minaj was on the remix, whom I love. I usually don't even like remixes but this one is fun.

9. Run the World - Beyonce / Judas - Lady Gaga I feel the same way about both of these songs... I really really want to love them but for the time being, I'm struggling. I can't get into them but perhaps I just haven't listened to them enough. I love these ladies so here's hoping that I'll come around to them soon. Are you a fan of them yet?

Got any songs that you are loving these days? I always love music suggestions!


  1. Chemical Brothers are great.

    This is my favourite song from them:

    Chemical Brothers - Hey boy, Hey girl

  2. Remember when I played that version of Poker Face for you while we were walking the 3-Day Walk back in October? It's crazy good!

    Glee just covered Gaga again this week. Catch up!!

  3. re the Chemical Brothers- someone who wants to work in the music industry shouldn't be copying CDs illegally. Why do you think it's so hard to find a job?

  4. You make a very valid point Anonymous. I will indeed be purchasing my next Chemical Brothers find. I get music from friends so rarely that I find it's ok every once in awhile. Trust me, I spend plenty of money on itunes. : )

    Thanks Tim for the recommendation. I'll definitely have to check that song out.

  5. To Anonymous, Leah is the only person I know who buys so much music and contributes to artists in all the other ways she can --- joining their Facebook pages, going to their shows, and buying merchandise. It's hard to find a job in most any industry these days, and while the loss to the music industry from illegal downloading is huge, the shift toward more touring and merchandising and aggressive PR has created new kinds of jobs --- though they're still hard to get.