Sunday, April 24, 2011


P-Powerful R- Riveting I- Interesting N- New Wave C- Creative E- Electrifying

Prince has produced 10 platinum albums and thirty top 40 singles! He has won 7 Grammy Awards, a Golden Globe and an Academy Award. Whoa!

On Friday night I had the immense pleasure of seeing the legendary artist, PRINCE in concert. Yes, be jealous, be very jealous! : ) In a word, the whole show was electrifying! (Thanks SP!)

I will admit that honestly I've never been his biggest fan and have many friends that have wanted to kill me for saying that. But I just never really understood him or most of his music. While I still think he is incredibly eccentric and even odd at times, he puts on quite a show and his songs are timeless. I am so grateful that I got the chance to see him perform live. I believe that you learn sooo much from that opportunity. Plus it was fun to transport back to the 80's for the night! : )

First off, he sounds exactly like he did back at the height of his career. Some of my friends would say that he will always be at the height of his career but you get what I mean... I can say for sure that this 52 year old still has all the musical talent, the confidence, the moves and more. He is in LA doing a 21 Show 'Residency' Concert Series. The concert I went to was at The Forum in Inglewood but apparently he'll be performing in a few other spots as well. If you haven't seen him yet and you are in LA, I highly urge you to go. It feels almost ridiculous to pay only $25 to see such a musical icon at work.
One of the first songs he performed is my personal favorite, "Raspberry Beret" so I was absolutely thrilled from the beginning to end.

Before he took the stage:

He lit up the stage literally and figuratively! : )

Here is my roommate Swati and our good friend Amina half-way thru the concert.

Alicia Keys was his special surprise guest performer! I was freaking out when I saw her appear from the hole in the stage floor! I love her and never expected to see her there. They sang an awesome duet of her song "How Come You Don't Call Me?"

Have you seen Prince in concert? What musical legends are you dieing to see? I would LOVE to see Madonna, Janet Jackson, Christina Aguilera and so many more! : )


  1. Did he sing When Doves Cry? I loveee prince!! I'm so jealous!x

  2. Sadly, he only sang a little snippet of it. : (

  3. So glad you had a great time! I wasn't the biggest Prince fan either until my cousin offered me an extra ticket to his show. His live show just has so much energy!

  4. I hate to tell you I told you so, but.... I TOLD YOU SO! Prince is a music god!

  5. I'm not a fan, but that still looks like it was a super awesome concert to go to! :D