Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Text Conversation

As I've mentioned once before on my blog I've joined an online dating website. Nothing too interesting and/or exciting has really happened since I joined it...until now. : )
This is a real text conversation that took place between me and a perspective boy from the dating website that I am on:

Me- Hey! This is L from dating website.

Boy-Hey L! how are you? What's your username?

Me-I'm good. How r u? Haha given your number out a lot, eh? It's .....
Boy- Hey you : )

Me-How's it going?

Boy- Wanna come over for a movie tonight? It's going good.
Me- Whoa, slow down there! Haha.. How about a date this week instead?

Boy- Hmmm ok. I thought you were into that kind of thing.
Me- Into what?

Boy- Like friends w benefits, no strings, hookups

Me- Where did you get that idea from?

Boy- We could get coffee then go back to my house. idk. So does that mean you're not
into it?
Me- Nope. Sorry, that's definitely not what I'm about.

Boy- Ok. Cheers!

Me- Take care.
Boy- U too.

Can you believe this? What the hell is this guy doing on a dating website?! UGH! How are girls supposed to pick out these guys from the rest of them? His profile didn't warn me of any of this! In fact, it says that he is looking for short term and long term relationships. Plus, I really want to know what about me and/or my profile screams easy and willing to hook up?! Geesh! Nothing, that's what! It's experiences like these that make me not want to be on a dating website!


  1. Oh, ugh!!! That is just sleezy. Sorry that happened!

    This is why you just have to resign yourself to eternal singledom, like me! Ha! ;)

  2. Red Flag: "Looking for a short term relationship." It's a nice way of saying I would sleep with you, but not date you. Never talk to those guys. Who says I'm looking for a short term relationship? I mean... really. Good luck girl. Let's catch up soon.

  3. You should try Great Expectations! I work for the Minneapolis location, but we have a center in LA.

    You should check us out! :)

  4. Yikes! So where do you find a nice guy nowadays? Is it still better to be single than sorry?

    Okay, on the lighter side: You and your friends are invited to our new weekly meme. View your invite and info here:

  5. Ha ha, oh man, I just re-read it and it still makes me laugh! What an idiot! If you want a random hook-up, go to a bar! Why take the time on-line? I feel the pain of single-dom too...of the 90 or so people on match in my area, I'm interested in exactly NONE of them

  6. The words 'and long term' were purely camouflage.
    At least you had the sense - and the self-respect - to say no thanks.
    Anyone who goes straight from 'Hello' to 'Right, that's enough small talk' is a classic William S Burroughs FU:

    Avoid f**k-ups.
    We all know the type.
    Anything they have anything to do with,
    No matter how good it sounds,
    Turns into a disaster...

  7. Hmmm... not sure what to think about this. I'm all for online dating, but I bet a lot of men and women are on there for the sole purpose of seeking sex. Be careful. You sure have been meeting a lot of creeps lately.