Thursday, April 14, 2011

Concert Season is Upon Us

Summer must be approaching because my calendar is quickly filling up with concerts, concerts and more concerts! I couldn't be more happier about that!! Actually, I just enjoy putting in my calendar who will be where on what date here in LA. This doesn't necessarily mean that I'll be going. I just like knowing when the concert is going to be. I've spoken of my intense love for concerts in an earlier post here.

I wish that I could go to all of the awesome concerts this summer! Here are just a few of the concerts that I'm excited about:
  • Prince-Next Friday I am for sure going!!
  • Adele
  • Lauryn Hill
  • Katy Perry and Robyn
  • Sade and John Legend
  • Matt & Kim
  • Ghostland Observatory
  • Grease Sing-Along
  • West Side Story Sing-Along
What concerts are you excited for this summer? If you live in LA, let me know if you are interested in going with me to any of these! : )


  1. Have fun at Prince! I saw him in NYC earlier this year and he was incredible.

  2. Your concert line up is pretty sweet! I'm jealous! I hope to see Kid Rock and Zac Brown Band...and many more, but only locally. Maybe I'll plan a trip to Denver to visit Peg to coincide with a concert! That's what summers are for :D

  3. I wish I lived in a city which had decent concerts! 100% jealous!!!!!

  4. Price is A-MA-ZING!!! One of the best shows I've ever seen.

    I don't have any concerts in my near future. :(