Friday, April 1, 2011

Project Smile-March

The challenge is to find something to smile about every single day of the month. Thanks to Project Alicia for creating this sweet meme. Now it can be found over at Kristi's blog at Live and Love...out Loud. I've really enjoyed doing this the past two months. : )

Here's what I had to smile about this month:

1st- Back at Bikram Yoga after 4 missed days and it felt amazing!

I had a dentist appointment to check the progress of my Invisalign and I am right on track to be finished by the middle of next month!!
3rd- An easy drive to Las Vegas!
4th- An amazing night out with new and old friends for a friends Bachelorette Party!
5th- Several hours spent at our hotel pool! Aww, pure bliss!
6th- Another painless drive back home to LA from Vegas.
7th- My 27th Birthday! What's not to be happy about today?!
8th- A sweet trip to Babies R Us for two baby shower gifts.
9th- Finally mailing several Thank-You cards out! I have so much to be thankful for in life.
10- There's nothing better than a nice long run!
11- Went to a Bikram Yoga class with a friend!
12- A busy but very filling day of physical activity and work.
13- Another busy day filled with so much love. My family visited me in LA and took me out for my birthday dinner.
14- This was a fun/productive/busy day ending with nannying for a super sweet little boy.
15- A fabulous night out to a glitzy fashion show in downtown LA
16- I enjoyed a nice long walk around my cute neighborhood.
17- A fun afternoon alone with my nephew sans any green beer!
18- Yet another fun afternoon alone with my nephew.
19- I met some new running friends at a yummy Carbo-load dinner.
20- I ran and finished the LA MARATHON!!
21- Very sore but I'm happy I have no blisters and I can stay home all day to recover from the run.
22- A painless and inexpensive trip to the car dealership to get the oil changed in my car. I also started the vegetarian diet which I'm excited about.
23- Got a new iPod!
24- An hour long massage in the afternoon!!! Aaaahhh!!!
25- Helped out a friend in need.
26- Long fun Saturday filled with an intense basketball game, good friends, beer and this city.
27- Happy to not be hungover! ;)
28- Celebrated a friends birthday at a new restaurant.
29- Two big signs today..
30- Had the courage to text first. : )
31- My roommate Gina's 2nd amazing Pin-Ups For Vets fundraising event. I enjoy any excuse to dress up and put a flower in my hair.


  1. Love this, and reading about how you spend your days, Leah!!

  2. Marathons, massages, birthdays, flowers in your hair and helping a friend out in need? You've so much to be thankful for. Your smiles certainly made me smile! :)
    Thanks so much for linking up with Project Smile. It's so great to meet new folks. I'm following you now via GFC. Have a great weekend.

    Kristi, Live and Love Out Loud

  3. AH I'm back! So glad to be reading your blog again. I agree with Tonya, it sounds like you've had a pretty good month! :)

  4. Love it! I will email you MY project smile soon. It's such a nice way to look back on a month...such a positive way of thinking :D

  5. Love the runs and working out too. Mix in a basketball game now and then. Anything that gets me outdoors.

    I've seen the Invisalign at my dentist office, but it's an elective option under my insurance plan. If I wanted it, I'd have to pay out of pocket. Otherwise, I like what it offers.

  6. Hopping over from live and love, too. Sounds like a great month of birthdays, food, family and exercise. And congrats on getting a dazzling smile next month!!!