Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tina Fey and Steve Martin

Guess who I saw last night?!

Tina Fey is awesome! Seriously, I can't get enough of her. Last night I had the pleasure of seeing her talk about her newly released book, "Bossypants" and how she got into the entertainment industry. It was an interview/conversation between her and notoriously funny actor, Steve Martin. FYI, he hasn't changed a bit! Ok, so maybe he has a full head of gray hair now but I think it's been like that for awhile but he still is warm and hilarious!

While I've known for a long time just how funny he is, I wasn't fully aware of Tina Fey's comic genius. Sure, I've seen her on SNL plenty of times and of course seen some of her movies. Have you seen "Mean Girls"? It's one of my favorite movies ever and she wrote it! But there's really nothing like seeing someone live talking in front of you.

Tina Fey is so witty and charming. I couldn't help but feel like she was just sitting in her living room having a fun chat with all 5,000 of us sitting in the Nokia Theater in downtown LA. She and Steve Martin worked very well together and seemed to honestly get along and often made each other laugh up on stage. I'd also like to add that she is as funny as she is pretty. I love her effortless look and even with a little pregnant belly, she still managed to appear in great shape. She had on the cutest leopard print heels! : )

I hope to read her book very soon. Have you read it? What do you think of these two entertainers?


  1. LOL! The picture on the cover of that book is just kind of creepy, lol! :P
    I'm your blog's newest follower, btw. :)

  2. Yay, welcome Holly! Always glad to have new followers! : )

  3. I didn't even know she had a book out. I would have thought that Fey and Martin would be a good pair, they both have a good sense of humor.

  4. I LOVE Tina Fey and so does Todd (he has a HUGE crush on her). So jealous of your experience. I really want to read her book even though the cover creeps me out.

  5. Jealous! I love Tina Fey and seeing her speak sounds like such a great experience!