Thursday, June 23, 2011

There's No Place Like Home

I wrote the following post several months ago for a friends blog but I never talked about it on here and I now agree with it even more.... Los Angeles has truly become my home.

Just as Dorothy knew there was no place like her beloved Kansas home, I know there's no place like my home for the past year and a half, Los Angeles, California. It's a neat feeling the day you finally realize that your new residence really feels like your 'home'. I think that you realize it when you go away for a few days or even a day actually.

It's taken me awhile to learn my way around these crazy streets of LA but I can say for sure now that I feel like this town is my home. Sure, the "City of Angels" is also home to over 4 million other people but we all have learned to exist together in somewhat harmony. This large diverse population is what makes LA what it is-a huge cultural melting pot of interesting and diverse people.
The amazing weather of course plays a big role in the reason why we are all here living in LA. Sunny skies just about 365 days a year is very hard to beat. Doesn't the sound of 74 degrees everyday just sound heavenly? I am sure all my friends on the East Coast would kill for our weather right about now! It's June 23rd, technically summertime, and it's currently 76 degrees and sunny.

Who can forget about all the different neighborhoods here too? From the laid-back beaches in Santa Monica and Venice, the hipster Silver Lake area, chic Beverly Hills, lively West Hollywood, the Rose Bowl area of Pasadena and definitely the international influences here are a can't miss. There's Little Ethiopia, Korea Town, China Town and so many others. All of these areas make up Los Angeles. Of course, I've spent more time in some areas than others.

Another incredible thing about being here is the proximity to not only beaches but also the desert and beautiful mountain ranges. Seriously, where else can you go snowboarding in the morning, go on an afternoon hike and then grab drinks in the evening at a nearby beach?It really doesn't get any better then all that. Palm Springs is very close to LA too which provides endless hours of golf, pool time and sheer relaxation in the desert.

So, after having said all of this, who is up for a visit here? : )

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  1. You've been in LA for a year and a half. Crazy! Glad it feel like like home. Who are your next visitors?