Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Project Smile-May

What a busy month May has been! Yikes! It really flew by!

The challenge is to find something to smile about every single day of the month. Thanks to Kristi for keeping this going at Live and Love...out Loud.

Here are my smiles for May:

1st- Seeing my adorable nephew asleep on my bed made my heart melt.
2nd- Enjoying a Red Velvet panCake!
3rd- An evening run with amazing LA weather.
4th- Several silly hours with my nephew!
5th- I made guacomole for the first time and was pleasantly surprised by how good it tasted.
6th- I tried a new workout class called the Bar Method and really enjoyed it.
7th- A night of dancing! :)
8th- Mothers Day gave me the release I've been needing for awhile.
9th- I spent two hours talking to a music executive about the industry and a possible job. I felt so in my element.
10th- Free candy always makes me smile.
11th- Celebrated a friend's birthday!
12th- Reconnected with a new LA friend over a fun and yummy dinner!
13th- Accomplished a lot today.
14th- Thank goodness for medicine!

15th- I saw "Bridesmaids"-enough said!
16th- An awesome music meeting about marketing and promotions! This is why I moved here!
17th- Official offer for a part time job that I accepted!
18th- Another fun night out dancing this month! Woo Hoo!
19th- Managed to squeeze in a new workout class after work today!
20th- I nanny an adorable little boy, he makes me smile lots.
21st- I got an iphone and an awesome concert in downtown LA! I'm a very happy girl!
22nd- Farmers Markets rock!
23rd- Nothing like a Karaoke night!
24th- I hung out with my friend from Australia who is in town.
25th- Hawaii-Bound!!!
26th- My friend Belinda's beautiful wedding in Honolulu!!
27th- Making Vets in a Military Hospital happy make me very happy.
28th- Spent all day relaxing at a beautiful beach!
29th- I was able to sleep most of the flight home and a very sweet night.
30th- I slept in till 11am! Awesome!!
31st- Getting my nephew's birthday present! : )

Can you think of 30 things that made you smile this month? It's really easy and I urge you to do on your own. Here's what had me smiling back in April.


  1. Another smile-filled month. :) I love that for you every month. xoxo