Friday, June 24, 2011

Updates on Me

If you've been following my blog for awhile then I'm sure you've been noticing that my blogging lately has become random and also kind of rare. Honestly, it's definitely not because my life has become boring and I simply don't have anything to post about. Just the opposite in fact. It's because I've been very busy and blogging has become one of the things that gets dropped.

So to fill you in on what's been going on in my life, h
ere is a brief list with the highlights in no particular order:

1. We shot half of the 2012 Pin-Ups for Vets Calendar earlier this week. Like last year, it was exhausting but so much fun and rewarding. I think I really may have found my calling-production and artistic design work really is my forte. Right Gina? : ) More on this soon. Well, that is, if I have time to blog about it..haha

2. My Invisalign treatment ended this past Monday! Woo! After over a year, I'm happy to report that I like my teeth and look forward to getting them whitened soon too. Unfortunately, I'll always have to wear a retainer at night to bed but I can definitely handle that.

3. I've been dating someone seriously for a few months. I'm really happy and honestly haven't felt this comfortable with a guy in maybe forever. We feel like we've known each other for much longer and time always passes by too quickly when we are together. I haven't been able to stop smiling since we met. It's true what they say, everything around me does seem a little sweeter, a a little better somehow since he came into my life. Ok, I'm totally blushing now so I'll stop. : )

4. For about a month, I've been doing some online marketing for an up-and-coming pop singer, Marie Parie. However, this recently stopped has her finances were decided to be put elsewhere. Guess that's the music business for ya....

5. Along with getting an amazing iPhone a few weeks ago, I also finally caved and joined Twitter. Not sure if it's been that good for me personally but it's certainly a whole new world that I've now been to. Follow me: @LAnLA3

6. Last but certainly not least, I'm having some serious neighbor problems! And no, they don't know about my blog so I'm free to say anything I want about them on here! To make a really long story short, the woman who has the bedroom below mine has the most sensitive ears in the world and probably needs to seek treatment for it! Most nights that I'm home, I get an annoying text message from her telling me to walk softer and be quieter. Ok, first of all, I'm usually not talking or even playing my music loudly or even doing much of anything when I get these messages. I'm simply putting away laundry, blogging on my computer at my desk, walking into my adjoining bathroom and other random everyday things people do in their bedroom.

I've even made several changes because I feel bad for Ms. Sensitive Ears Downstairs. I don't wear shoes in my room, I try not doing much in there after 10pm and I even usually spend 1-2 nights not sleeping at my home. So, really, what is there to complain about? It's ridiculous and I'm so frustrated with her. I just don't know what to do anymore. I've apologized and apologized. Now, I'm just ignoring the texts but I certainly can't do that forever. I also can't walk on egg shells in my room forever either.... What would you do?


  1. one night when she texts you to be quiet, reply back that you aren't even at home and she must be hearing things.

  2. Yes Miss Leah....I do think you have found your forte! :) I hope to hear more on this soon! :) Regarding Miss Sensitive Ears...forget it! Talk to her and tell her, "Sorry, there is nothing else I can do!" She needs to get over it!

  3. Ugh! I can't stand neighbors like that. The people that live below us complained once when their baby was first born. I admit, we were a bit noisy because my son was also a few months old and exploring with his toys and stuff. So, we put rugs around the house, we don't wear shoes, we put carpeting in my son's room which is above their baby's room, and that's it. But ever since then my husband is always telling me and my son to be quiet when we walk, when we talk, etc. I'm sorry, but I think we've done more than enough already. I also think you have! You shouldn't have to walk on egg shells!

  4. Glad that your life is going well. Busy is a good thing. Having someone to share things with is special. I hope things work out with your neighbor. If you can talk to her maybe you can explain you have done everything that you can think of to be quieter but there is some noise that comes with living. Since she lives with someone above her she should expect some noise. If there is something in particular that really bugs her you could listen, but let her know in a nice way you have to live too. I am sure you have been nice about it. Only so much you can do.

  5. This was a fun blog to read! (I feel like I say that a lot, but it's true!) I'm sorry your neighbor is so sensitive, but you are one of the most respectful and empathetic people I know. I'm sure you've done more than most people would have so she needs to just chillax. It's called renting, lady and it comes with noise. Keep up the blogging, Leah (when you have time!) because I love reading about your life :)

  6. I'm sorry to hear about your neighbor! We have a downstairs neighbor like that and it is miserable! She comes up every week or two to tell us to buy rugs for our apartment since she can hear us walking. Apparently she works from home and we "disturb her sleep" by getting up for work at 7am. I finally told her maybe she should invest in ear plugs haha

  7. You have been very busy indeed.

    Hope things improve with your neighbor... that is SO annoying.