Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Flip-Off #2

Here we are once again on a Friday and I am free to flip-off whatever the hell is bugging me this week. Thank you to my sister over at Letters for Lucas for introducing me to this helpful posting idea and she learned about it through Kludgy Mom.

Here we go!

#1 I am sick and tired of all my endless trips to the grocery store. I am starting to feel like I live in an 8 person household or something... Why am I always going? I guess I haven't been eating out lately but still I'm only buying food for myself... Geez! I have been making one of my fruity smoothies everyday and they take lots of different fruit and juice. But, I still don't understand why I'm always feeling like I'm out of something, whether it be cereal, cotton balls or dish soap. The cashiers at the grocery right by my place are starting to nod and smile when they see me.. pretty soon, they are going to start asking me about my personal life...

#2 A big flip-off to my bangs! They are annoying and I am kind of over them altogether! I am at the odd phase where they are definitely too short to put behind my ear (and that's exactly all I really want to do with them) and they are too long to just lay on my forehead. I did get my hair colored and trimmed a little on Monday but I opted not to cut the bangs. I just think it's time to say goodbye to them....for now....

#3 Fundraising is hard! While I of course know that fundraising is an essential part of finding cures to diseases, it still is no fun at all. I am seriously stressing right now about how on earth I'm going to raise $2,300 for my 60 mile Breast Cancer Walk in October. I've tapped out all my friends and family for my AIDS Half Marathon. Thank you so much guys!!! I guess it's time to hit up some restaurants. Got any other ideas or suggestions?

#4 Flip-off to people moving away from me. Why are my friends always moving? Can't we all just live in the same state at least?! Ugh! A few months ago, my good friend Courtney moved to Ohio and next week another good friend is moving all the way to Boston! Seriously?! I hate it! I am always missing people! It's sad and I know it's a part of life, but it still hurts. : (

#5 Flip-off to being alone in my house! I'm so over it! I want my roomies back STAT!

#6 Flip-off to a blood blister on my right foot that I got last weekend on my 12 miler and will probably rear its super ugly head on this weekend's run and then again just in time for the big half marathon next weekend... Lovely.

I think 6 Flip-Offs will do it for me this week! Whew! I certainly do feel better now.


  1. I hear ya on #1! I feel like I go to the store every other day or so. And cashiers definitely know me. Sometimes I go to the store on the other side of town out of shame! But, making home-made food and having fresh fruit is by far healthier than anything else! So, good on ya, mate :D

  2. Try a barret or headband for the inbetween days on the bangs.

  3. I need to start getting mail at my local grocery store.

    I will NEVER have bangs again for that very reason... the inbetween stage.

    Fundraising does suck!

    And thank goodness for e-mail, cell phones, skyp and facebook. :)