Sunday, August 1, 2010

Beach and Burns

Now I really feel like it's summertime, I had such a lovely day today laying out at the beach with my two awesome roommates! It was the perfect weather to be there and it wasn't super crowded so that was an added bonus. We enjoyed the beach for about two hours and then we drove further into Santa Monica for a very nice lunch. It was made even better by the bottomless mimosas that we had! Yay! My roommates and I hardly ever go out and do things altogether so this made the day even sweeter. We definitely need to hang out more often! Ok, ladies?!

So no matter what I do, I'm bound to always get two awful things in life, cavities and bad sun burns. Seriously, no matter what I do! Ugh! I am so annoyed with my skin today! I swear, I kept re-applying sunscreen during those two hours at the beach but somehow I still managed to get a pretty bad sun burn all over the back of my legs and upper thighs. I can't even sit down without hurting! Aloe Vera will my best friend this week.

Here are three of my favorite pics from today, pre-burn : )


  1. You're an idiot, I can't believe you got ANOTHER sunburn. Time to wear a shirt. When will you ever learn?!