Saturday, August 21, 2010


Today I ran a whopping 12 mile training run to get ready for my upcoming Half Marathon. It's September 5th which is very very soon! But after completing today's 12 mile run, I'm not worried at all about it. Whew! Thank goodness for this amazing training program provided by the APLA (AIDS Project Los Angeles). I never would have gotten to this stage on my own.

Here I am after running 12 miles, feeling pretty good but definitely ready to sit down and stop running!

This is me with two other Half Marathon participants. We were happy to sit down and relax after the run. It was a little tough getting up though. Isn't it neat that they gave us medals today?!

This is my pace group after the run. We were missing several people today but we still had to get a picture altogether at mile 12! What an amazing accomplishment! The half marathon will be a piece of cake now for us!


  1. Wow Leah! Congrats on this! What an amazing accomplishment! You sure proved anyone wrong who said you can't do it! So proud of you!

  2. 12 miles is almost 13, which is a 1/2 marathon. You can do it! You did it!! Yay.