Friday, August 20, 2010

My First Friday Flip-Offs

I've seen how therapeutic "Friday Flip-Offs" are for my sister on her blog so I am going to join the band wagon and start doing them too. Thanks to Kludgy Mom for creating this helpful meme. Here we go!

#1 I am having trouble dealing with how hot it has been lately here in LA during the day... We don't have air conditioning so that makes it almost unbearable in my house. Thankfully, I am told there aren't too many hot days like this so that's good to know. I know I really shouldn't be complaining-I'm not in hot AZ anymore but AC's make all the difference! Right?!

#2 My neighbors downstairs don't read my blog so I feel comfortable flipping them off on here! They are extremely loud and may have adorable dogs but they are also loud and obnoxious pretty much all day long! They even still sometimes bark when I come and go. Another neighbor to the right of my house also has a super annoying little dog that manages to bark even more than my downstairs' neighbor's dogs... I can hear them all right now even!!! WTF!

#3 Flip-Off email hackers!! My Hotmail account has been infiltrated three times in the past week and a half so I finally decided to say "Sayonara" to that account. From now on, email me at my Gmail account. So, take that hackers! Why are they even doing this?

#4 I hate that when I don't run for a few days, when I do finally get back to it, it hurts so much and it's hard to get back into it. So I guess I'd like to flip off my body for just not getting back into it naturally. When will it get easier? I can't always run everyday so my body needs to figure this out asap!

#5 I would like to flip-off any and all drama currently in my life. I hope it all goes away soon.

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