Friday, August 27, 2010

My First You-Tube Video

This week my roommate and I decided to make a video of us in our kitchen baking my mom's famous banana bread, chocolate and pecan banana bread that is. I know, we are fancy over here! : ) Then, to make it even more exciting, we got all dressed up like Pin-Up girls for it! As I've mentioned plenty of times on my blog, my roommate, Gina, is the mastermind behind an amazing project, Pin-Ups for Vets. Needless to say, we know a lot about the pin-up attire. We hope to make many more videos in the future, of course they won't all take place in the kitchen. Got any ideas for things we could do dressed up like Pin-Ups? Nothing too scandalous, of course!

Check out our video for yourself:
Two Pin-Ups Baking Banana Bread


  1. Leah that pinup video is hilarious! Your boobs are the star of the show - vavavoom!!

  2. Hello boobs!! I guess if you've got 'em and both of you do, flaunt 'em, right?! Cute video. Too bad I don't like bananas or pecans.