Friday, August 6, 2010

Running Post #7/Fundraising Letter

I just sent out the following email to all my friends and family in hopes of getting more money for my half-marathon for AIDS. This email is a little different though, I have created a fun incentive to get people excited about it... Check it out! : ) Oh and as a side note, on my training run tomorrow morning, I'll be running a whopping 11 MILES!! Aaaaahhh!!! Wish me luck because I am super nervous!!

Hey Everyone,

Ok guys, so in order to entice you to donate to my AIDS Half-Marathon, I've decided to copy a fellow Half-Marathon participant. He has raised a ton of money by creating deadlines for his friends and family.

This is what he did: He told them that he if he raised $X by DATE, he would wear a Brownie Costume on his 8 mile run and then he did it again and promised to wear an Athena costume on another long run!! And he really did!! He filmed it and took pictures and posted them all over the place.

So, here I go!!! If I raise $200 from you all by August 14th, I will dress up as a Pin Up girl for my 6-mile run! What do you think?! I'll take a million pictures and post them on Facebook, my blog, etc...

Just think, I could be dressed like this while running 6 miles!

Now back to the serious stuff, I've challenged myself to participate in a half marathon training program that is simultaneously motivating me to run hundreds of miles and helping to bring an end to the devastating effects that HIV/AIDS still has on our society.

Every dollar that someone gives helps improve the quality of life for someone less fortunate. APLA offers dental care, mental health care, bus passes, food banks, health referrals, job training, prevention courses and advocacy on a local, state and federal level. All donations are tax deductible.

It's not too late to donate! I know some of you were waiting for paydays; waiting for a more convenient moment; waiting for a reminder from me... so here it is! Please visit my AIDS Marathon home page and donate today! And remember that I might be dressing up like a Pin Up girl on next Saturday's run!

Thanks for being amazing!! And for all of your generous, generous support!!!



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  1. Just wondering what shoes you will wear with aforementioned pinup outfit while running? Oh my!

  2. Ok you got me Leah. I will donate $50, and Amgen matches so you will get $100. Good luck to my fave pinup girl marathon runner. :)

  3. I can't believe you dressed up like a pin up... too funny. You have almost reached your goal. Way to go!! The big event is almost here.