Sunday, October 24, 2010

The 'Concert High'

Before recorded music, concerts provided the only opportunity people would generally have to hear musicians play. I still LOVE going to concerts. Seriously, I LOVE them! I gladly would go to a concert once a week if I could.

Last night I saw the Australian band The Temper Trap, at one of LA's downtown hot venues, Club Nokia. This band is getting a lot of popularity due to the movie, "500 Days of Summer". Their song "Sweet Disposition" is in the film and it's fast becoming loved by all. I absolutely adore it! If you haven't listened to it before, I highly, highly recommend checking it out. Of course, by all means, listen to any of the band's songs. The lead singer, Dougy Mandagi, has a voice unlike any I've heard before. It's amazing.

So, like most people at concerts, at some point during the 2nd or 3rd song, I enter a state I like to call, the 'concert high'. The 'concert high' consists of a variety of things:
  • Ringing/Buzzing in your ears. Gotta love live blaring music!
  • A comfortable sway or dance move according to the music tempo.
  • Maybe even numb or sore feet from all the standing and dancing. I have learned the hard way to always wear comfortable flat shoes to concerts.
  • Glossy and somewhat dry eyes from all the smoke/fog machines up on stage.
  • Feeling slightly hot and sweaty but not really caring because the music is just that good.
  • A burning desire to rush home and write the next best song of the year for yourself.
  • A new found love, respect, adoration, admiration, passion, envy and perhaps even lust for all musicians. : )
  • Finally, a general awesome feeling that you and everyone else at that concert are enjoying amazing music altogether. It's a beautiful thing, right?
Anything that I missed? What do you love most about concerts? Do you get the 'concert high too'?


  1. The Temper Trap have spent a lot of time here in the UK promoting their album and doing some festivals. They're pretty good aren't they? I also love that song!

    What I love about a good gig is the build up to the band appearing on stage. The atmosphere in the venue is full of excitement and anticipation and then everyones passion comes out when the band appears and play their songs. Arms pumping the area, people singing along, everybody getting hot, sweaty but just don't care because they're having a brilliant time. Then after the gig, everybody goes and finds some fast food and talk about what they've just witnessed with the constant ringing in their ears. Love it!

  2. I love concerts, your so right the best part is like 3 songs in when you just start rocking out with everybody around you.

  3. I love the concert "high" and wish I could attend more of them. There really is nothing like seeing a favorite band perform in the flesh.