Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Is Cupid in LA?

I've been reluctant to talk about the following topic on my blog but I think it's finally time.

About 3 months ago I joined an online dating website called OkCupid. Yep, I am now officially one of those girls... It's 2011, right? Most girls I know have tried online dating at one point or another. I even have a couple close friends that have had serious success with it. I know of two couples that met online are madly in love today. So, I went on it rather hopeful.

It was time for me to meet some new guys and see what's out there. I know I live in one of the most populated cities on the planet but it is not easy to meet people here. I've asked all my friends here if they have any single guy friends but they keep telling me that their guy friends are not good enough for me. What kinds of guys are they friends with? Geesh! Alright, so, what's a girl to do? I don't do the whole bar dating scene so online seemed like the next best option.

What makes OKCupid different than other dating websites, well it's free for starters which means that absolutely anyone can join it. Anyone. Ugh! There are quite a lot of old and hairy men on there but among those are a few good lookin' fellas. But you have to dig and hunt for them.

I have gone out with a few guys so far and they have left a lot to be desired so I trudge on. First, there was the "Clingster Guy". From the very first date, he was planning our courtship and ultimate wedding already! Talk about a stage 5 clinger! Yeah, it was ridiculous! He was a nice guy overall but not the guy for me. Another guy was SAG-"Socially Awkward Guy". We had great chemistry and I was definitely attracted to him but not only was he socially awkward around other people aka my friends but he lacked the drive and passion that I'm looking for in a partner.

Despite this stream of missed connections, I'll continue with the search for Mr. Right...heck, I'll settle for Mr. Right Now!

Have you tried online dating?


  1. I am quite lucky with the love thing, cause I've this wonderful girl in my life for six years now.... Good luck with the hunt.. Have a great day ahead

  2. one of my friends tried various online dating sites and said that the free ones are the hardest because like you said, anyone can get in. so it's pages and pages of guys you have to wade thru just to finally get to a good one who is serious.

    and definitely nothing wrong with Mr. Right now.

  3. Online dating is quite interesting. The number 1 that I talk about, I met online. It didn't work but it was bc of other factors. I say go for it and good luck. I do agree that paying sites are a bit easier to navigate, and sometimes they do all the work for you. Have fun and meet Mr. Right now! Now that "M" has a boyfriend we can get online dating stories from you. LOL. :)

  4. Good luck and be careful :)

    I met my girlfriend online but it wasn't on a dating site. We just chatted on myspace about our similar interests and then we ended up meeting up as friends and then a few months later we started going out. Been together for nearly 6 years now.

  5. If I were single and dating, I would totally utilize online dating. What a great way to meet people and try new restaurants and do other fun activities, like trapeze flying! :)

  6. Hee hee, I'm an online dater! You definitely meet some weirdos, and weirdos definitely lurk around your profile, but meh! What have you got to lose? Here in my tiny corner of the world there don't seem to be that many quality guys (my man must-haves now have to include "must have a full set of teeth!") nor are there many places to meet these men. Online seems to be where it's at!

  7. March 25th will be our 5 year wedding Anniversary...and we met online. Sharina