Friday, January 8, 2010

Background on Moi

So, in yesterday's post I gave you some background information about LA, today I shall give you some background on moi! However, most of you that will read this already know me and my life story, but for those newbies, here's my 411:

My parents were teachers at American International Schools my whole life so we traveled around a lot. Just about every 4 years, we would move to a new country. I was born in Pakistan and just as I was learning to walk in the airport, we moved to the Gambia, then Venezuela, then Somalia, then Mozambique and finally Myanmar/Burma where I graduated from High School. My parents loved Africa and Southeast Asia the most.

Then I went to college at the University of Arizona. GO CATS! After graduating from there in 2007, I moved to Phoenix, Arizona and got my first post college job and starting really living on my own. After living there for almost two and a half years, I felt it was time for a change so I moved to LA. That brings you up to date with my current residence here in sunny Los Angeles.
I've had an amazing life and I feel very blessed that I was able to have all the experiences that I've had thus far and I only hope to have more adventures in my life.

The number one question I get asked after telling my life story is which country was my favorite and that answer is Myanmar. I spent the most time there-6 years and I made the most lasting friendships there. Buddhism is the main religion in Myanmar and it makes for quite the peaceful and kindhearted people. I mean how could you possibly find anything wrong with a religion where they don't even believe in killing ants?! But yes, Myanmar was wonderful. I would love to go back there now and really appreciate the culture more than I did when I was living there. It really is true what they say, "the youth is wasted on the young." I knew that I was having an amazing life living in all those countries but not to the extent that I do now. Oh well, all I can do now is look back on those memories overseas with nothing but gratefulness.

So, this background brings you up to speed with who I had lunch with yesterday, my good 'ole friend from my Myanmar days, Belinda Lee. She was a couple years older than me but we did go to the same high school and thanks to networking sites, aka facebook, we stayed in touch. And I am actually living in her house now! She wanted to move in with her boyfriend and was looking for someone to take over her room in the house so voila, here I am! It all worked out really well and pretty quickly too. The picture above is of her and I in our room. : ) So, not only did I move to this awesome fun city but there also happens to be this huge network of my friends from Myanmar living here too. Two for the price of one, huh?! I look forward to spending lots of time with them and meeting new friends through them too.

"A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  1. Nice synopsis of yourself! :) There is so much more to share through and so many other things about you that are unique, special and interesting, besides the fact that you grew up overseas. You are a loyal and caring friend, sister and aunt and I'd love for you to write about your love of music and what you want to do in the industry. But, I'll cut you some are new to this blogging thing. I hope you are enjoying it and can keep it up. xoxo