Sunday, January 17, 2010

I'm baaacckkk!

Well, I am back from Jamaica and it was such an awesome trip! Sadly it was not long enough but when are vacations ever long enough? Atalaya and I did a little bit of everything, we relaxed on the beach and toured the countryside. One of my favorite things that we did was zip-lining! It is so much fun and such a rush. After the stresses of moving to LA, it felt great to just escape reality for a few days and enjoy ourselves.

I really love Jamaicans. They are the kindest and most laid back people ever. We heard "no worries man" all the time. They speaks a language called Patois which is a combination of French, English and Spanish. It's neat to listen to and try to pick up on words that you know. Something interesting that I wasn't aware of before going to Jamaica is that marijuana is not legal there like most people think, at least I thought so. Nope, in fact, if police find you selling pot or smoking it publicly, you will be fined and could face serious jail time too. However, the smells of ganja are everywhere and it was rare to go a whole day without smelling it. My friend and I chose not to partake in any smoking of anything at all while we were there.

While we were there, I composed this post:
Ok so I don't mean to sound snobby or spoiled but sunny skies and Jamaica go hand in hand. It is an absolutely beautiful country and there is plenty to do when the weather is good. Laying out on the beach and at the pool, various water sports, safari tours, hiking trails and many other things just need calm weather. Atalaya and I are here now and this morning's rainy and cloudy weather was rather depressing. We certainly didn't come all this way to sit in our hotel room. Here's hoping for better weather while we are there.

Thankfully, a couple hours after I wrote that, the sun came pouring through the clouds and the rain instantly disappeared. It ended up being hot and sunny the rest of the time we were there so that was perfect. I am proud to report that I successfully did not get a sunburn at all while we were there. I lathered on lots of sunscreen and continued to reapply every hour to so.

I'm exhausted so I need to get to bed now. It was a long day and I have to drive back to California in the morning so I need my rest tonight. Sweet dreams. Perhaps I'll dream of being back on the beach in Jamaica.

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  1. I enjoyed Jamaica too. It is a beautiful place, completely relaxing, with a "no problem" attitude that you don't find very often and the rum isn't bad either. :)

    I went zip lining in Costa Rica and it was my favorite part of that trip. Maybe you can go there next?! Just don't go during the rainy season!