Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Moving Weekend

So, when is moving day ever stress-free? Never, that's when! I woke up Saturday, January 2nd, feeling excited, anxious, sad, stressed and pretty much every other emotion.
Picking up the U-Haul was a breeze though and driving it over to my apartment in Phoenix was kinda fun too. Then the wonderful task of loading it began. I have a few genius spacial friends who were able to basically play 'Tetris' with my stuff and get it all into the U-Haul. It was tight but it all fit! Whew! That was one dilemma solved.

Then the drive to California began. My friend Patrick (AKA Noche) drove the U-Haul and I led the way in my car which was also pretty full of stuff. Thankfully, we got to my sister's place in San Diego without any problems. In the morning, my friend wasn't feeling well so he ended up flying back home so that left my sister and I to fend for ourselves. We had to to LA so she bravely took on the U-Haul and I drove my car.

Oh, and just a little side note, I think U-Haul trucks just look intimidating and huge but once you drive around the block, they aren't so bad. Parking and backing up may be a pain but we all just to need to relax more when it comes to driving them.

Ok, back the story.... We got to LA and decided to go to the neighborhood Home Depot (which really wasn't in my neighborhood at all, thanks navigation system...) and pick up a few guys. And no, I do not mean it like that sounds! : ) I mean that we needed muscles to help lift all my furniture and boxes out of the U-Haul. My sister and I were simply not going to cut it. Luckily, Home Depot was packed with wonderfully eager Mexican gentlemen! I have certainly never had men run to me like that before. To be honest I wish that happened more often! Haha! So, after picking out two guys and finding the way back to my house, it took them and of course Tonya and I about two hours to unload and put everything in its proper room. They even put together my bed which was pretty funny to watch in itself. So, thank you very much to Ivan and Orlando! Moving day would have been a nightmare if it hadn't been for you two! Oh but did it really have to be so hot here that day? Another reason why I left Arizona was to escape that awful heat! Geez! If I brought it with me, then I sincerely apologize to everyone.

So, I am all moved into my house and the unpacking is steadily coming along. My bedroom is about 60% done and I was even able to put a picture on the wall last night. I am one of these people who wants things to feel and look like home pretty quickly after moving. It makes me feel like it really is MY home. Today, I'll get the kitchen and living room boxes unpacked and probably make a trip to Ikea, Target and the grocery store. Moving Weekend/Money weekend, right? Man, why does moving have to cost so much? But perhaps this is another topic for a new post..

Sorry if this post felt like a little crazy rambling but I guess that's the way my brain is functioning right now. Well, onto more unpacking. See you next time!

"California is a fine place to live-if you happen to be an orange." -Fred Allen
I do love oranges! : )

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  1. Nice recap... Yay for Ivan and Orlando! I love the unpacking and putting away part; enjoy and good luck finding homes for everything.

    I want to hear about your first night in your new place...did you finally go to dinner? :)

    I love the California quotes. That could be your sign off. Along with song lyrics and passages from books and movies, I'm sure you'll have enough.

    As a side note: I like your blog layout, but the blue text is really hard to read under Blog Archive. Just an FYI. xoxo