Thursday, January 7, 2010

Is it just an LA thing?

So, my roommate, Gina received "Up in the Air" yesterday in the mail and as you should know, this movie is currently in theaters and is earning lots of praise. She gets current movies from time to time because she is in the Screen Actors Guild and they want her to vote for it at the SAG Awards. Evidently, this is not uncommon and pretty much every other person is a member here in LA. Well, I'm not and I think that it's awesome that I won't be paying to see that movie but will instead be watching it from my comfy and cute living room.


  1. Lucky! I want to see that too, can I borrow it? :)

  2. WTF!?? Lucky biatch. I paid $12 yesterday to see it! I had just finished the book and went to see it right after, completely different btw. Did you like the movie!?