Thursday, January 6, 2011

31 Day Photo Challenge-Day 25

31 Day Photo Challenge-Day 25: Post a picture of your day.

Tonight, I met up with a college friend, Kathleen, who lives in LA but we somehow never ever hang out. I hope tonight is the start to much more time spent together! Ok Kathleen? Let's fit each other into our busy schedules!

Does this happen a lot to you? You have all these friends living minutes from you but sadly, you are never are able to hang out. Blame it on opposite conflicting schedules, different groups of friends, different hobbies or just plain laziness. I think it's sad and really want to fix that this year. I need to spend more time with these close friends that I have here in LA. There's really nothing serious keeping us from spending time together so it needs to be corrected asap! So there! : )


  1. hahah LOVE this :)

  2. This is totally a problem I have too! A few of my friends work in retail and our schedules are so opposite it's hard to find time. Hopefully 2011 will change it!

  3. Here's hoping you'll see a lot more of one another in the future. :)