Friday, January 7, 2011

31 Day Photo Challenge-Day 26

31 Day Photo Challenge-Day 26: Post a picture of something that means a lot to you.

Like most of these photo challenges, I can't just pick one thing so here are a few things that mean a lot to me.

My passport. I think that this one is pretty self-explanatory. I've had an amazing life thus far full of so many travels. I was blessed to have had parents that wanted to raise me overseas. I hope to instill the love of travel in my own children someday.

My pictures are very important to me. This is a picture of one large collage that's on my bedroom wall right now. I don't have a lot of fancy paintings, posters or other pictures framed on my walls, instead, I have pictures of my family and friends all over. They make me happy. It's definitely the first thing people notice when they walk into my room.

Music if of course my biggest passion so this is a no-brainer that my stereo and ipod would be two very important things to me. Sitting next to them is a lovely picture of my parents and sister on her wedding day. I love this picture very much.

If you could pick just three things that mean the most to you, what would they be? It's harder then you think....


  1. Passport! :) I just turned my application for mine (finally). I feel like it's going to be my most important item.

    I need to start taking more pictures. :( But I love music too!

  2. Hmm...just three things? Definitely my computer...a lot of great pictures are on it--plus my music. My teddy bear (had him since I was one!). And, as silly as it sounds, probably my cowboy boots--they're ass-kickin' and totally sweet!

  3. If there were a fire in my house, I'd grab my passport, several special photos, my laptop and mom & dad's wedding rings. Everything else can go up in flames!