Sunday, January 30, 2011

Running Update!

"Running is a free form activity; we alone determine how fast, how far, and how long we run. The empowerment of running is open to anyone, at any speed. Your definition of "slow" may change as your grow more fit, and will change as you grow older." -Jeff Galloway, Running Guru

My Full Marathon is fast approaching and I'm starting to get seriously nervous. What exactly was I thinking when I decided to run 26.2 miles?!

My longest run was just yesterday-18 whopping miles and it was tough but certainly not impossible which gives me hope that I can just run 7 measly more miles for the Full Marathon. I did however, struggle through the last two miles but I never gave up and that's whats important. Right?

Here is a pic of my running buddy and I after it was over and yes, we are still smiling!

Oh I almost forgot, next Sunday I'm running a Half Marathon in Huntington Beach! Whew! It's called the Surf City USA Half Marathon and the medal we all get in the end is a little surf board! The entire run sounds like its by the ocean so I am sure it will be an awesome run. Cool, huh? There are about 13,000 participants that enter this Half Marathon! That's a lot of people!


  1. I am totally amazed by marathons. I can fathom the distance--I walked the 60 mile breast cancer walk in 2009 and I'm doing it again this year--but I can't imagine RUNNING that long! I'm so impressed. Good luck! Running by the beach is certainly good motivation.

  2. Yay, you!! Running is terrific. Good luck in all of your upcoming events. I am very proud of you. xoxo