Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Resolutions

I've always had mixed feelings about making New Years Resolutions. On the one hand, they are a great way of looking back on your year and really evaluate the good and bad things that happened during the course of the year. However, it can also be pointless to make resolutions because who honestly keeps track of them throughout the year? I certainly don't, maybe just for the first few weeks of January.

In any case, every year without fail, I can't help but make of few of those pesky New Years Resolutions. So here they are mine for 2011:
  1. Continue to work out and train for my upcoming Half-Marathon in Feb and the Full Marathon in March.
  2. While I've traveled a ton this year and explored many cities around the US, I think I need to further delve into this crazy city that I live in.
  3. Learn to master the art of parallel parking.
  4. Read more.
  5. Meet more new people here in LA, maybe through my college alumnae association or other online meet-up groups.
  6. Write in my journal more often. I need to make an effort to write something in it almost every day.
  7. See my LA friends more often.
  8. Last but definitely not least, do not give up on my dreams of working in the music industry. If I want it badly enough, it will happen. Persistence and determination are key!
So, what are your resolutions for 2011? Got any in common with mine?


  1. I need to work out more! A good friend of mine is training for a marathon too. I don't think I can be at that level yet, I just wanna become healthy and at a lower weight.
    I'd like to try to write songs too. I'm a computer major, but I think song writing is such a good emotional release. I wouldn't write them to try and get famous, but if it happens that would be great! :P

  2. Happy New Year, Leah!! Good list. Good luck with each and every goal. I hope 2011 is spectacular for you!!