Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Calendar Release Party Recap!

Wow, what an amazing night the Pin-Ups for Vets 2011 Calendar Release Party was on Tuesday! Check out the professional short film that the videographer for the event made on youtube. We all very impressed with the video and it definitely captures the retro mood of the night.

Sadly the pictures below are the only ones that I have so far from the event and just about all of them I took with my own camera in my bedroom after the event was over. I wanted to capture my look and I wasn't sure how many pictures I was in from the official event photographers.

I absolutely loved my hair and makeup and must give major props to Ana and her fabulous makeup artist and sister, Linette of Classic Glamour Dolls. They also can be found on their facebook page. They are both true artists! I wish that they could do my hair and makeup everyday! For just one day, it was fun to feel what it would be like to have my hair and makeup team with me. : )


  1. The professional video was pretty amazing...but was lacking a little Leah! The party looked like something from the movies! I'm so impressed! Can we do something like that for my birthday?! Hah, only kidding :)

  2. Sounds fun! I'm also a big fan of the cause. Where can I see the professional pictures from the actual event that you mentioned?

  3. Leah, the video was GORGEOUS! But it needed more of you! Sounds like it was a fantastic night!!

  4. So glad it was such a successful launch! I love your hair, dress and make-up. Great video too. Bravo.