Saturday, January 15, 2011

Where in CA do I belong?

I took a silly short quiz on Facebook awhile ago....

I got Orange County/LA/San Diego.beach, Disneyland, the most populated cities, $, famous people.

The questions were about what kind of house I want to live in, what are my favorite colors, who do I consider celebs, what's my favorite food, what weather do I prefer and more. I didn't think it was exactly indicative of where I should be living in California but what do I know? Maybe Facebook knows better then I do..... I do know that I love living in LA! : )

Have you ever taken one of these quizzes on Facebook? Have you agreed with the results?


  1. Many moons ago when I was a MySpace user, I used to take those tests. They are kinda fun and sometimes a bit accurate.

    See, you do belong in L.A. :)


  2. I feel like LA and San Diego should have been very different options! And Orange County too for that matter. That's crazy--those three places all have such different moods.

    I think I'm right where I belong in California (bay area). xoxo!

  3. I took this and it said Bay Area. which is weird because i'm not a fan of the bay area and we might move there in the next few years for my husbands job.

  4. You're exactly where you belong. How neat!