Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Can you guess my costume?

Wanna know what I'm dressing up as this year for Halloween?! Well, I'm not going to tell ya but I will give you some hints and I would love to know your guesses!
Here are the hints:
  • red dress
  • black wig
  • white garter
  • big red lips
  • big eyelashes
That's all you are all getting! So, what do you think?


  1. well Jennifer took my guess so let me think of something else....

    Olive Oil from Popeye?

  2. Betty Boop!!!!....Jennifer already gave the same guess, and Blogging in PA was going to as well....oh well, I guess great minds do think alike! Can't wait to see the costume pics!

  3. hmmmmm...... Betty Boop is all I can think of!

  4. betty boop
    and just for a momment i think about snowwhite
    Maybe my wish is yours?
    Follow.Enjoy.Love & Share

  5. I'm in with Betty Boop, too! That would be awesome!

  6. Ok, wow, was it really that easy?! You guys all guessed right! Stay tuned for pictures! Yay!