Wednesday, October 27, 2010

From Australia to LA

One of the many really awesome things about living in such a popular big city is that people are always visiting it. Seriously, this month alone, I will have seen 7 different friends here! 4 of whom were just passing through LA for work or some other event! Crazy, right? There really is no need for me to go anywhere, everyone will eventually come to La La Land! : )

Tonight I met up with yet another friend, Dean. He lives in Australia and I haven't seen him since my friend Alyson and I traveled around Australia and met him two years ago! It was great to see him and catch up on our lives.

This is another huge example of why I think facebook is so awesome- it keeps everyone so connected to each other, whether they want to be or not. : ) It's especially useful when you have friends overseas and can't talk to them on the phone often, if at all.


  1. Hey love your blog :) LA is one of the places I want to visit at some point too ha ha ha.


  2. I totally agree about FB! I just met up with a friend that I had not seen in 30 years when I was up in Seattle for a wedding because of FB.

  3. Thankfully LA is a good stop over point and a great vacation destination.