Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What to be for Halloween??

Ok, I'm starting to get a little annoyed that everyone already knows not only what they are going to be for Halloween but also what they are going to do next weekend. I still have not picked my outfit or decided with my friends what we are going to do. This is my first Halloween in LA so I want to go all out and really see what this city is like on one of my favorite holidays.

I don't know whether to be something cute, sexy, scary, funny, interesting or just plain dumb this year. I LOVE dressing up so I will definitely be in costume this Halloween. Got any ideas? I have a few but nothing is really sticking out to me yet. I even thought about being Lady Gaga again this year since I still have the outfit. But that's no fun, I want to be something new.... I also don't want to spend a ton of money so that narrows things down a little bit. Perhaps, I'll go online and see what those costume stores online have in stock. I do really hate waiting till the last minute to figure it out so I am hoping that I have my costume all planned out by this weekend.

Wish me luck and please feel free to send me your ideas! Any and all are totally welcome!


  1. I have no idea what my boyfriend and I are going to be for his family Halloween party so you're not the only one. Last year we were Sandy and Danny from Grease and this year I don't have a single good idea.....

  2. Oh man, Leah, I agree with loving Halloween and dressing up. The thought to NOT dress up never crossed my mind. This year I'm going to be Buttercup (the green Power Puff Girl) Simple and fun! I think two of my girlfriends are going as Bubbles and Blossom too. I love the Lady Gaga idea...maybe Gaga again, but different costume? Here are some things I've been in the past (cheap and easy) flapper girl, pirate, construction worker (a tool belt came in handy...no purse, and easily holds a flask!), cowgirl, butterfly, mostly your standard costumes, I guess. What about your Avatar costume? Or a naught teacher? (I'm a fan of naughty/sexy costumes...you're only young once, and you won't be able to get away with slutty dressing too much longer!) My favorite costume last year was a guy dressed as Flo from the Progressive commercials! Hope this has sparked some ideas :) xoxo

  3. I am finally going to fulfill my dream of being Hermione Granger this year. I bought the most crazy expensive Hogwarts robe and Griffyndor scarf. I wear them around the house occasionally. I am officially in geekville. :)

    French maid and dirty schoolgirl are two classics that always get a lot of love when you wear them.

    Good luck! xo

  4. I really want to be Captain Morgan for Halloween but I don't know if that will happen. Good luck in your search just stay away from being any member of the Jersey Shore cast, I fear the world's supply of self tanner will disappear next weekend. Thanks for stopping by my blog too! I really like yours and L.A. is amazing.

  5. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I know must people love coffee and I can't figure out why!! I am in the same boat with the deciding what to be for Halloween buisness!! I really need to start working on that!!

  6. I love Halloween...as for the costume I have no idea. But good luck in your search!

    Thanks so much for your most generous comments and for the follow.
    I am now following you back.

    Betty :)

  7. Thanks for all the comment love everyone! Welcome to all my new followers! Yay!!

  8. I am not a big fan of Halloween. The last time I dressed up I was in college. I think it's just an excuse for people (women in particular) to dress up like sluts. I am WAY more interested in clever costumes and cute children trick-or-treating. Can't wait to take LMW out when he's old enough. Whatever you do, have fun and be safe!