Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Time Travel?

Over a lunch date with two old friends from college this past weekend, we ending up discussing time travel for quite some time. What would be the one thing that we would go back and do over again and why?

Of course, my immediate thought was to go back to right before my parents died and warn them that their water heater was emitting carbon monoxide into their house. I think that for the rest of my life, I'll wish for a time travel machine to go back to that moment.

Now what if you couldn't change anything and it was just to go back in time and re-live it... Hmm, I probably would want to go back to college and just enjoy all those carefree fun days again. My spring break trip to Mexico my sophomore year in college to be exact was amazing. It is seriously one of the best trips of my life so far. I hope some of those friends that were there read my blog so they can see this.
: )

What would you go back to? Would you change anything?


  1. weird. I cant read your post because it showed up as wing dings font. Did you do that on purposed? Probably not I assume! lol!

  2. I would go back to before my mom passed away. If I couldn't change her dying, I would change the last words I said to her so I know she knew how much I loved her.

  3. Like you, I'd go back and warn Mom & Dad about that fucking water heater, but other than that, I don't have any regrets or special do-overs that I'd like to revisit.

    I wish I had said and asked Mom & Dad certain things that I didn't. I guess I'm regretful about that.

    I wish some days that time would go a lot slower or that there were more hours in the day, but that's sort of different, isn't it?

  4. I can't read the beginning of your post, but I got the end. And I think I would go back to college. Sophomore year actually. I was settled in, had my group of friends, but didn't have to worry about The Future yet. Perfect. I just graduated in May, and oh my, if I could rewind a year and talk to that girl sitting in Panera with her friends talking about how she couldn't wait to graduate and be in the real world, I would totally tell her not to wish it away. Because I think I sort of did. :(

    But, I'm happy where I am now too! Which is always nice!