Friday, December 31, 2010

The Horizon

Another gift my roommate and I received from Oprah's Favorite Things episode was a book by Mark Nepo called "The Book of Awakening". I gave mine away but I finally had some time recently to skim through Gina's copy. The book is a day by day guide to being present in the life you have. Each day has an insightful quote followed by a connecting story and then a few tips for the reader to achieve whatever message that day has.

When I glanced through the book, it was December 19th so I of course went straight straight to that date.

The quote was "As someone sitting beneath a tree can imagine the earth from above the trees, a heart encumbered by reality can know eternity."
The writer, Nepo goes on to explain that during rough seas, sailors go up to the deck of their ships in order to avoid getting sea sick. They stare out at the horizon and eventually feel better. Looking far ahead of them eases their stomachs and also their minds. Nepo continues to say that this way of thinking is so important in our daily lives. I couldn't agree more with this belief. However, it can be incredibly difficult to look beyond the initial pain or failure and see the light at the end of the very dark tunnel.

"Whether facing cancer or riding the insecurity of repeated rejection or trying to surmount the most profound moments of loneliness, my greatest pains and fears have been lessened when I've managed to keep the largest sense of life before me like a horizon." -Mark Nepo

After my parents died just over 3 years ago, I really didn't think too highly of my future. It was so difficult for me to look at the bigger picture and see beyond my immense sadness. I dreaded waking up each morning to find them still gone. I constantly wondered how I would ever be happy again. When on earth would I laugh and be 'ok' with this intense loss of my mom and dad? Somehow, little by little, day by day, month by month and year by year, I've started to look at my horizon a lot more. I'm a big planner and thus I have planned a lot of fun and exciting things in my life. Coming to the realization that I really have so much to look forward to in my life and wonderful people to do it all with has gotten me through many dark days.

Perhaps my horizon is a little cloudy some days but it still is definitely intact and will continue to grow brighter every day. I hope you look to your own horizon every day and let it guide you out of the bad moments in life.


  1. Wow, what a beautiful post, with such insight (not to sound redundant). Sometimes I struggle with motivation, and forget the big picture. Thanks for the poignant reminder, Leah :)

  2. Absolutely beautiful, Leah! I've been taking time to appreciate the little things lately, and have really been noticing a difference in my happiness! Such as, yesterday when I was walking to my car, I was in a hurry and found myself rushing, thinking about all the different things I had to do once I got home. But then I took the time to slow down a bit, look at the snow all around, and appreciate the beautiful crisp air, rather than fret about everything that has yet to be done. I think it's so important to realize all the good things that we have in our lives :) Love you!

  3. I love this post of yours! Surely there is some divine intervention here. I really needed to read just about everything you wrote. I may have to pick up the book now!

    My very best wishes to you in this new year! You have such a wonderfully positive attitude, and when added to your fierce determination, many good things will surely come to you.

  4. Beautiful post. I really needed to read it at this precise moment! Perfect post for the beginning of this new year.

  5. Wonderful post! The book sounds great and I'll have to check it out for myself.

    The story about the sailors is interesting to me. When I was little my grandfather would always tell me to look out at the horizon when I was feeling car sick. He served in the navy so that must be wear he got the trick from. I'll have to ask him about it next time I see him.

  6. Aww thanks for the praise everyone. I really like this post too and think that looking to our own horizons is really such a great thing.

  7. Thank you for giving me your copy.... want it back? :) Just kidding.

    I am really anxious to read it, especially after this post.

    I am convinced that it's within the small moments that big change can occur.