Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Are they signs?

Something really sweet and for the first time not too difficult to handle happened to me this week that made me think of my parents and the possibility of signs.

I had a meeting this morning with a tax accountant at H & R Block and as I was signing my name on one of the last forms, I noticed the watch the accountant was wearing. It was a Mickey Mouse watch very similar to the one that my dad had. In fact, it might have been the exact same watch! He loved this watch and talked about it for months before finally getting it from my sister for Christmas. He even cut out a picture of it from a magazine and put it on his bulletin board in his office. I have never seen anyone wearing it so it certainly surprised me but after that initial shock wore off, all I was left with was a smile.

This alone might have been just a s
weet random act but just three hours later something else happened...

As I was leaving the office after my umpteenth job interview this afternoon, the woman interviewing me called out, "I just have to tell you, you smell so wonderful. I don't mean for this to sound strange but you smell like my mother and it's such a comforting, romantic and beautiful scent." I thanked her and then told her that I actually did indeed have my mother's perfume on. She was delighted. Honestly, it took me awhile before I could use my mom's perfume but a few months ago, I was looking at this half-full bottle collecting dust and just started using it one day. Now, I feel instantly comforted whenever I spritz some of her perfume on me so this really touched me immensely to hear her say that.

I'm not sure what I feel about signs and all of that stuff but this definitely felt like more than just a happy coincidence. What do you think? Do you believe in signs?


  1. I beleive in signs. My dad and sister planted an apricot seed in our backyard like 10 ago. The first time it grew apricots was the year he passed away. It hasnt had any since. :)

    I think its wonderful and I wish for more.

  2. Leah, this post made me smile. :)

  3. You usually don't see a grown man wearing a Mickey Mouse watch -- probably not the best choice for an accountant either. :)

    These experiencs are what I call "tender mercies". When the timing of something is beyond coincidence. Just a way for God to let you know he loves you and knows you and your needs. Very sweet.

  4. I believe in signs and I'd like to think there is no such thing as coincidences. Two very special and very missed people were surrounding us on this day. xoxo

  5. Oh, how wonderfully happy! I don't know about signs or coincidence (although coincidence seems too impersonal for something so deep) but this was a beautiful post to read!

  6. Some will say that it's purely coincidence. Some will say that we read into things and make it more than it is. Others say that these things are signs. I say that when things happen that we can't explain, and make us smile and feel good, it's what we make of it. Whatever we think it is, is what it is.