Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kindergarten Memories

This week's RemembeRED assignment was to write a memoir piece about kindergarten.

y family and I were living in Venezuela, Maracaibo at the time. We weren't too happy about it either because the four of us were living in a tiny apartment. Needless to say, things were extremely cramped in there. For some reason I remember it being pink. My sister will have to correct me on that.

Like most people, I don't have a large recollection of this time in my life. All I have our three distinct memories that come to mind whenever I think of kindergarten in Venezuela:

1. As far as school goes, my kindergarten teacher was a very very OLD lady. I swear she must have been in her 70's at the time. I remember when the bell would ring for recess and we would all quickly run out to the playground, 10 minutes later, our teacher would slowly hobble over.

2. My best friend in kindergarten was a bright orange/red haired girl named Jenny. We were inseparable from the very first time we met. I loved her hair so much and perhaps, this is where my need to have red hair stemmed from.

3. At some point during this short period of time we lived in the pink apartment in Venezuela, I burned my right thumb on an iron. I don't recall a whole lot about the moment but I think I was just curious. How hot was the iron and would it be too hot to touch? What better way to determine this then by touching it?! I cried a lot and thought that I would have burn mark on my thumb forever but it faded shortly after.

I can't find a picture on my computer from kindergarten but this one is from first grade and not a whole lot changed so this will have to do!


  1. eeeeek you're so cute in your glasses! I imagine that experiencing living in other countries as a kid taught you so much. I've always wanted to go to Venezuela.

  2. I am always afraid one of my girls will decide to see how hot the stove or iron really is.

  3. I loved the three strong memories and the photo that you added!

    I adored the red hair connection.

    And last but not least, your post made me so curious about Venezuela! I hope to read more about your time there in future posts! :)

  4. Being five is a wonderful age! I didn't have a kindergarten where I grew up. One of the things I remember about first grade was learning to read those Dick and Jane books -- yes, that dates me :(

  5. Yes, the apartment building we lived in was a pinky/peach tone and it was called Jackie.

    Your kindergarten teacher was older than dirt!

  6. Such a good memory. I often wonder why I remember certain things. I can recall simple things that have no bearing or importance on anything, and yet I still remember them.

    I can certainly understand why you wouldn't forget getting burned. Ouch.