Tuesday, February 9, 2010

8 months old

Lucas turned 8 months on Saturday and I just had to share this picture of him on here today. He is such a happy baby! For more adorable pictures and info on this little man, check out my sister's blog, Letters for Lucas. It is such a sweet blog and I am sure that you will quickly fall in love with her and him.

I am so lucky because my sister sends me a picture on her phone of Lucas every single day! Sometimes even more than one and occasionally, I'll get a video of him giggling. Those are my favorite and I can't help but teary eyed over them. Nothing in this world makes me quite as happy as this guy. Lucas has my heart!

I actually got something from Lucas for Valentines Day. Today I received a Valentine Bouquet from him but not the kind that you think. It's way cooler than that! Its a little piece of paper and this is what it says, "this handmade valentine is embedded with tiny wildflower seeds that will sprout when planted." Isn't that the neatest thing ever? I absolutely love it! Talk about watching our love grow! Huh?! I've recently gotten into gardening so this is perfect for me. I look forward to planting it and watching it grow.

1 comment:

  1. Glad you liked the Valentine. :)

    I'll try to send more videos of LMW giggling.

    We love you. xoxo