Thursday, February 18, 2010

Location, Location, Location

Be warned, this post contains some bragging! My home is in an awesome location! Seriously, it couldn't be more central which means that I am not too far from really anything here in LA. I have already met several friends at their homes, bars, restaurants and salons and nothing has been further than 15 minutes away. I've heard from LA natives that this is a luxury so I'm certainly grateful. I knew there was a reason why I moved here! : )

The following places are very close to my house; Target, several grocery stores including Trader Joes, a post office, nail salon, my new hairdresser, two gyms, Bikram Yoga institute, a big mall-Westside Pavillion, etc... Not to mention how close I am to the fancy shmancy shopping area of Beverly Hills and the hip Sunset Strip in Hollywood.

One very cool place that is right around the corner from where I live is Mood. It's a fabric store that most designers go to for their material needs. If you've ever watched Project Runway, then you've seen the contestants rushing through this store. I got a manicure today at a nail salon right next door to it and I wanted to go inside but I had absolutely no reason. Hmm, what I can cover with fabric around here?

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  1. I think your 'hood is definitely worth bragging about! How great is it that you are so close to all of your favorite go-tos? Plus other cool hot spots too?! Remember how apprehensive your felt that first day, and now you'll like an old pro. :) You need to walk through Mood, just to say you did, plus I find it rather comforting to look through fabric and I don't sew. xoxo