Tuesday, February 2, 2010

One Month Anniversary!

Wow, I've been living here in LA for exactly a month today! That's crazy! It's going by very fast-too fast almost.

Here's a list of all the things that I've done here so far:
  • Hiked Runyon Canyon
  • Shopped at the Beverly Center
  • Gone to a music industry book signing
  • Joined LA Fitness
  • Had a personal workout with a trainer
  • Attended a cardio-kickboxing class with Gina
  • Had lunch on Sunset Strip
  • Been in one minor traffic jam
  • Went to the actual Bikram Yoga studio with Swati
  • Hung out in Westwood
  • Enjoyed lunch in Culver City
  • Watched a UofA game with other alums at a bar in Hermosa Beach
  • Enjoyed mimosas at a Hollywood bar
  • Drove to Torrance to get a bookcase
  • Got an awesome haircut and manicure on Wilshire Blvd.
  • Learned exactly where the nearest grocery store, gas station, Kinkos, Target and Post Office is to my house
  • Had several great conversations with my roommates. They are awesome and I am so lucky to be living with them!

In the words of my sister, "the best is yet to be". : )


  1. Wow! One month already? Had you forgotten until I texted you last night? :) Where does the time go? You have already done so much while living in LA. Does it feel like "home" yet? I hope so. Looking forward to seeing GOT A FABULOUS NEW JOB IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY on your list this time (if not sooner) next month. xoxo

  2. happy one month anniversary! we're so glad you're here :)