Friday, February 5, 2010

Starring Los Angeles...

It is so neat watching movies that take place in LA now that I actually live here. I am seeing a whole other side to them. I guess it's cause I can relate to them more now. Does that make any sense? They are real-life locations and not just made up in movie land.

Tonight my roommate, Swati and I watched 500 Days of Summer which I love. The main character, Tom, is interested in architecture so LA is certainly another character in this film. It is even better watching movies like this with people who know the city well and can recognize the restaurants and bars in them. Swati definitely recognized a few places in this movie.

I just read this blurb about 500 Days of Summer; David Ng of the Los Angeles Times describes architecture as a star of the film. The film was originally set in San Francisco but was later moved to Los Angeles and the script rewritten to make better use of the location. Buildings used include the Los Angeles Music Center (which includes the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion) and the towers of California Plaza. The older Fine Arts Building is featured in the film, in a scene where Tom shows it to Summer, describes it as "his favorite building" and mentions its builders, Walker and Eisen. Christopher Hawthorne of the Los Angeles Times describes the film as having "finely honed sense of taste" to include the Bradbury Building where Tom goes for his job interview.

Check out this long list for other movies shot in LA:

I am still getting to know this crazy city but from what I've seen so far, I think that it has a lot to offer. From the fun and hip downtown, to the laidback beach communities, to the incredible shopping in Beverly Hills and of course the constant supply of restaurants and bars. I don't think that I'll ever run out of new places to check out here. I look forward to seeing a movie or two being filmed around here!

"When you're in Los Angeles, nobody bats an eye, they're so used to seeing actors, they just act really cool." -Luke Wilson

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  1. LA is definitely a famous backdrop for many TV shows and movies and I'm sure you will start recognizing it in everything you watch now. Fun.