Friday, February 4, 2011

Another Blogging Award?!

Well, obviously, I now know that I for sure have at least one fan of my blog, my friend M, at An Officer and a Lady. She has blessed me with yet another blogging award! Woo hoo-The Honest Scrap Award. Well, I can say for sure that if my blog is anything at all, it's 100% honest all the time. I absolutely never exaggerate or embellish anything ever! Ok, perhaps a little sometimes...but don't we all? Haha!

Now for the tough part, who do I give this award to? Hmm..

1. Awkward Sex and the City- This blog never ceases to crack me up with it's more than honest account of life in a big city. She certainly never shy's away from the tough issues. If you haven't stopped by her blog then you are definitely missing out!

2. Stilettos & a Fishing Pole- This Southern Belle has a sugary sweet blog that is always so lovely and full of sweet pictures of her with her friends and soon to be husband. It's a very touching and honest blog.

3. Adventures in Yayaland- This lady gave me an award not too long ago so I felt like I should return the favor and give her an award. Her blog reminds me a lot of mine and I can always count on her to leave me sweet and honest comments on my blog.

There you have it! So go check out these three great blogs!


  1. are such a sweetheart! thanks so much for the award! and congrats on yours!

  2. BTW thanks to you I totally did some Galloway-style running the other day . . . still don't love running, but it made it tolerable! :)

  3. @Paige-You are very welcome!
    @ Claire-That's so awesome! Yep, I couldn't run without this method! : )

  4. Oh, I like this award. Nothing to do but pass it on. Sweet! Congrats!