Monday, February 7, 2011

Month of Awards!

This must be the month of awards because I've had the wonderful pleasure of receiving two more awesome awards last week: The Versatile Blogger award from Samantha at A Place I Call My Own and the Memetastic Award from Jen at What Would Jen Do. Thanks ladies!

In order to accept both of these awards I have share a few things about myself, so here goes:

1. I really like going on long road trips by myself. Is this strange? I haven't gone on too many but the few that I've gone on, I have enjoyed them a lot.

2. Despite not caring who wins in a lot of sporting events, I somehow will always find myself caring by the end of the game and really getting into it. Take the Super Bowl for example, I didn't really care who won or lost but half way through it, I was hooked and began rooting for Green Bay.

3. Finishing a long run gives me the best high ever! Seriously! It's an incredible feeling knowing you've gone such a long distance.

4. I honestly miss the days where we called each other instead of texting.

Now, I'll go ahead and pass both these awards to Tonya at Letters for Lucas and M at An Officer and a Lady.


  1. I love solo road trips. I have done several, one from Miami to Vermont! I stopped at several friends' houses along the way, but it still felt really liberating to drive for so long by myself. And I also love staying in hotels by myself . . . feels so luxurious!

  2. Congratulations on more awards and thank you for passing them along. :)