Friday, February 18, 2011


Last night I attended a really neat event called Mindshare in downtown Los Angeles. It's a unique monthly event that joins people all over LA to learn about new and exciting topics. They call it "enlightened debauchery". There was also a few bars with pretty inexpensive cocktails and even a live jazz band entertaining us as we waited for the lecture to start.

Last night's topic was all about SEX! How appropriate since Valentines Day was just a few days ago. Yep, we heard speakers lecture on....

How Sex, the Red Queen and Parasites Control the World
"If you think your relationship is rough, just be glad that you're not a cockroach. Join us as we explore the oddest, most dramatic and sometimes comically unlikely relationships in the world and why we have parasites to thank for sex."


Sensual Foods: Aphrodesia and the 6th Sense
"Food is energy. And if we do not feed ourselves delicious, joyful, fantastic things, we cannot move forward positively. My work explores the role of delight in consumption experiences and offers ways to not only rethink, but enjoy this thing called life."

and lastly

A Brief History of Masturbation
"Did you know that cornflakes and graham crackers were originally created to curb people's desire to masturbate? This talk will explore our love / hate affair with mastabatory practices, taking us from the proposed cures for hysteria to the role of masturbation in pop culture."

It was certainly an educational night and I look forward to attending more of these Mindshare events in the near future.

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  1. Interesting. I have heard about these. Thanks for sharing the inside scoop.

    I happen to LOVE corn flakes and graham crackers. Hmmmm....