Friday, February 25, 2011

Curling Irons are Evil!!/Wonderful World of Mini Tripods

This post is about the evils of curling irons and this awesome mini tripod on the right that I got in the mail recently to review on my blog. Yep, I have turned into one of those shameless bloggers that will review products! But, in all honesty, I really have been needing one of these so it came at the perfect time. As you all know my roommate and I make these awesome YouTube videos and usually we have to prop the camera against a book, a TV, a tree, really anything that we find so this tripod will make things a lot easier for us.

Now back to the evils that are curling irons for a bit... Last Saturday as I mentioned in a previous blog this week, I attended a fabulous 80's Prom Birthday Bash.

It was a lot of fun getting into my 80's wardrobe which of course means breaking out the hairspray, mousse and the dreaded curling iron.

I don't use my curling iron
very often, especially not around my bangs! I'm not really entirely sure the proper technique to use a curling iron and therefore my curls usually end up looking rather messy and undone. Thanks to plenty of hairspray, I was actually somewhat impressed with how my hair was turning out this particular night. Perhaps I was getting too ambitious and cocky..who knows... I had been watching YouTube videos earlier in the day on how to do 80's style bangs and I thought I had it nailed down and could totally accomplish it. So, I went for it, I sprayed hair spray on my bangs, grabbed the curling iron and proceeded to 80's curl my bangs. I didn't go slowly like I should have and pay attention to the proximity of where my forehead and curling was. Thus, I burned my forehead. Not once. But twice. It was bad.

At the time, I cried out in pain but I knew I had to get ready and didn't have the time to really investigate the damage I had done. So, I finished my hair and thankfully, my huge 80's bangs covered any evidence of self-mutilation. However, the next day I soon realized what I had done to myself!!

These photos were taken two days ago so of course the two burns have slightly faded since last Saturday. It's pretty intense, right?! I still can't believe that that second I left the curling iron rest on my forehead was enough to cause all this damage! Thanks to aloe vera, they are looking and feeling much better now but a few days ago, they really hurt and looked like I had some kind of a skin issue on my forehead!

I took those pictures above with this really neat mini tripod I was sent. Yay! I received it from They are an online retailer/wholesaler located in Shenzhen, China, dedicated to selling quality electronic gadgets and great service at wholesale price with free shipping to anywhere since 2003. I got an email from their PR manager several months ago and she asked me if I would be interested in reviewing a tripod and I told her yes, yes, of course!

Their online store sells accessories for iPods, iPhones and iPads, Cellphone Accessories, PC/Laptop Accessories, Video Game Accessories, Car Accessories, Sport, lasers, Toys and Hobbies, watches, etc.

So, anyway, back to this particular tripod, it's their portable flexible tripod for digital cameras. It's item #4652 and it sells on their website for $11.23. Their description on the site definitely accurately describes this tripod. Let's see, it enables extra security to ensure your camera is safely attached to it. I accidently dropped the tripod and the camera certainly stayed nice and snug in the tripod! Yay! This also proves that it stays connected to your camera for nearly instant setup. It is made of hard plastic, which is very strong and flexible. It can bend and rotate 360 degrees to form multiple shapes to best fit your tripod needs.
So, if this all doesn't sell you on this guy, nothing will! : )

The company also awesomely created a coupon for my visitors! The coupon code is leahainla5OFF. So
when you shop on their website,, use this code at checkout and you will be given a 5% off discount site-wide. Pretty cool, huh? I certainly never thought that I would be given a discount code for a gadget website to offer my followers when I started this blog about a year ago! Too funny!

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  1. First of all, this is your first review! Very cool.

    Second: Ouch those burns look painful.

    Third: Every weekend should be 80's prom party. :)