Monday, February 21, 2011

Hangover Hell

While I had a blast this past Saturday night at an awesome 80's Prom Birthday Party (I'll post a few pics later), one thing was made significantly clear to me-I cannot drink like that anymore! YIKES!

Note to self, you are not 21 and therefore you cannot drink like you did back then. Granted that was only about 6 years ago, but my body just can't handle that much alcohol now. Sadly, I don't even think I had too much to drink and I didn't even have a bunch of different drinks-I stuck with cranberry vodkas all night. I think I had 5 or 6... oh then there was that gross shot... Maybe the bartender was more generous than I thought. Plus, I even ate a full dinner midway through the party and
drank plenty of water throughout earlier in the day. WTF!

I literally spent all day yesterday feeling miserable in bed. Thankfully, the hangover nausea didn't set in until I got home the morning after the party and was safe and sound in my bed. But oh man, it was terrible and didn't really subside until around 11pm last night. Sadly, it wasn't even comical like the movie, "Hangover". Not. at. all.

Do other 20 somethings out there get this badly hungover too? Please tell I'm not alone in this hell! I remember the good ole college days when my friends and I could go out and drink ourselves silly and then wake up the next day and go to class and/or work feeling fine and then go out again at night. We had this kind of schedule for all those years in college! So, what happened between then and now? Is my liver shrinking? Is my age really to blame for this? Perhaps it's because I just don't drink like that anymore. Now all I can take is a glass or two of wine at night and I am good to go.

Regardless of the aftermath, it was a totally radical party-is that 80's enough for you?! Haha


  1. OMG me too! I don't even know what happened, don't think I drank *that* much on Saturday night. Yesterday's hangover showed otherwise :|

  2. Man, I don't have the stamina that I had in college either. I hate feeling hungover! I hope you're feeling totally recovered by now . . . doesn't the smell/sight/thought of alcohol sound like the worst thing in the world the day after heavy drinking? UGH.

  3. That's what doing shots with my husband will do to you!

  4. I'm with you on that. I can't party like I did even a few years ago. Oh well. Glad it's over and you're back to normal. :)

  5. When I turned 27, I could no longer "recover" by simply sleeping in. If I stay out late, forget it- I feel sick next day and that is even without alcohol. Age happens. I am 40 now and I try to go to bed at a boringly reasonable hour.