Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pen Pals in Afghanistan

So remember when I decided to write a letter to a marine over in Afghanistan? Here's my post about it. Well, I finally got a reply from him today!

Here is his letter to me:

Hello Leah!

Gina gave me a heads up about your letter and I got it last night. The mail system here in Afghanistan is very slow, it is a month behind sending mail out, so that pretty much means when you send me something it will take about a month for it to get to me and vice-versa.

I got Gina's calendars about 2 weeks ago and loved it, makes me I wish I had her past calendars. You did a great job as the production manager. Did Gina make it hard for you? Lol How long did the calendar take to finish? Were you there for all her 2011 calendar shots?

I want to say thank you for taking some of your time to write us a letter, that makes me grateful. I have also traveled a lot overseas. My mom was in the U.S Air Force and my father is still in the British Royal Marines. I was born in London, England and stayed there for about 6 years. I lived in Thailand, Japan, Germany, Puerto Rico and many states within the U.S.

I've been in the Marine Corps since 2004. I graduated high school in 2002, went to college between 2003-2004 and got my associate degree in Criminal Justice and about 5 months after that I joined the Marine Corps as a 0311 "Grunt", the guys that charge into the battle field.

I love all kinds of music, I guess my biggest favorite would be rock, country, and classic piano. I am 27 years old and was born on July 12, 1983. How old are you? Thanks for the pics, I would send you pics but the only way I could do it is through email. Well I will end this letter here. I don't want to tell you my entire life story in one letter. Lol I look forward to hearing from you again!


I am so touched that I heard back from him. I will definitely send him a letter back right away!


  1. I have heard that letter writing leads to romance...maybe yours might...Sharina

  2. I'm with Anonymous. Who knows. ;)

    So nice of you to do something so selfless.

  3. Really nice letter :)

    So proud of all the troops abroad :)

  4. That's really cool! What a nice way to brighten up his and your day.