Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Part of this blog is about my ultimate quest to get into the music industry here in Los Angeles, so I think it's time that I update you on that search.

To say it's been difficult and challenging would be a serious understatement.

Since moving here, I've been on roughly about 20 marketing/music/entertainment/promotional interviews! Crazy, right?!

Before coming to LA, I would get incredibly nervous before every interview. I would stress entirely way too much about my outfit, my hair, if the shoes matched my clothes and if I had all the right paperwork. These endless worries usually were accompanied by stomach cramps as well. It was all because I hadn't had a lot of experience with interviews. I didn't know what to expect from them and I didn't know what exactly an interviewer would want to hear me say. I would get so nervous that they were judging every single move I made in that room and everything I said to them. I mean, it's like you are under this huge magnifying glass. Every detail of your professional career past is being scrutinized.

However, since I've gone on so many first and second interviews since moving here, I find myself not nervous at all now. I've gone through this interview routine so many times I now know what they are going to ask and I know exactly what to say to make me sound like the best candidate for the job. That's really what it's all about-they want to find the perfect person for the position. They want to be happy and I think ultimately they would you to be happy with the job too. I can't fault them for all that, right?

Sadly, despite all these numerous interviews that have gone supposedly really well, I've yet to land the job of my dreams. Grrr!! A variety of things have happened; they either say I lack the necessary experience needed for the position, they've decided to move an intern or temp into the job, they no longer are hiring because of the bad economy or this last one, the person whose job I was applying for decided not to quit after all. Geesh!! That's totally unfair, right? I mean.. why waste my time and theirs with the interview in the first place?! So frustrating!
I did get a very sweet email from the CEO of the company who I interviewed with last week.
He said:

"Hi Leah ...
I wanted to reach out and thank you for coming out to apply as my assistant. As you know my current assistant, Erin was going to accept another position, and she had a change of heart about the working environment at her new company. So, she's decided to stay on and has recommitted to working here. I am sorry this didn't work out, but you are a bright and charming person, and I know that you will land something soon. We will hang onto your resume for the future. You are someone we'd like to have in our company one day -- I was very impressed with your enthusiasm and knowledge."

While that's nice and all, it's still a major bummer that a great interview got me nowhere... Boo hoo.

Now what? Well, I have another interview next week that I'm very hopeful about so we'll see how that goes. Wish me luck! I've been told that persistence, determination and passion are key to getting a job in the field that I really want.


  1. Good Luck Leah! The positive side is that you're a pro at job interviews! Keeping my fingers crossed for next week's one! xoxo

  2. I know it's frustrating, but something will come your way....the perfect job is just around the corner. Keep on keeping on!! xoxo